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Thursday, June 13th 2019 Friday, June 14th 2019 Saturday, June 15th 2019
Education: Neurological Disease Education: Immunology Education: Getting Medical Devices to Market
Raúl Martínez Elizabeth Repasky Nicolas Guillen
Welcome Education: Bioeffects of US Education: Hyperthermia Technologies
Joo Ha Hwang, Joan Vidal-Jové,
Andreas Melzer
Diane Dalecki Holger Gruell
Fry / Lizzi / Pioneer Award Session Horizon / Jolesz Lectures Organ Panel: Brain
Invited speakers:
Chrit Moonen
Kevin Haworth
W. Apoutou N’Djin
Leonid Gavrilov
Lawrence Crum
Jean-François Aubry
Joo Ha Hwang
Invited speakers:
Morry Blumenfeld
Neal F. Kassell
Alessandro Napoli
Wladyslaw Gedroyc
Invited speakers:
Jin Woo Chang
Cesare Gagliardo
Roland Beisteiner
Henning Lohse-Busch
Wladyslaw Gedroyc
Marine Sánchez
Physics and Modelling Drug Delivery Organ Panel: Uterus
Invited speakers:
Jean-François Aubry
Robert Staruch
Bradley Treeby
Aki Pulkkinen
Invited speakers:
Karun Sharma
Juan Tu
Holger Grull
Michael Gray
Invited speakers:
Suzanne LeBlang
Jaron Rabinovici
Matthias Matzko
Nikolaos Bailis
Break Break Break
Hardware Immunotherapy Organ Panel: Prostate and Kidney
Invited speakers:
Gil Dubernard
Adam Maxwell
Amanda Beserra
Cyril Lafon
Invited speakers:
Elizabeth Repasky
Chandan Guha
Natasha Sheybani
Tatiana Khokhlova
Invited speakers:
Jens Rassweiler
Mark Emberton
Andreas Melzer
George Schade
Industry Pitch
Lunch & Posters session Lunch & Posters session Lunch break
Monitoring and feedback Therapy ultrasound + Industry Pitch Presentations
Invited speakers:
Henrik Odeen
Sunao Shoji
Elodie Cao
Shin-ichiro Umemura
Invited speakers:
Sarah Brüningk
Edwin Heijman
Gail ter Haar
Lisa Landgraf
Nonthermal mechanisms Neuromodulation Organ Panel: Musculoskeletal
Invited speakers:
Tatiana Khokhlova
Zhen Xu
Ki Joo Pahk
Oleg Sapozhnikov
Invited speakers:
Elisa Konofagou
Jan Kubanek
Lennart Verhagen
Wynn Legon
Invited speakers:
Francisco Aparisi
Pejman Ghanouni
Francesco Arrigoni
Markus Duex
Alessandro Napoli
Alberto Bazzocchi
Break Break Break
Drug delivery design/engineering Brain – preclinical Organ Panel: Liver and Pancreas
Invited speakers:
John Callan
Michel Versluis
Dario Carugo
Eleanor Stride
Invited speakers:
Richard Price
Nathan McDannold
Elisa Konofagou
Muna Aryal
Invited speakers:
Joo Ha Hwang
Xavier Serres
Joan Vidal-Jové
Milka Marinova
ISTU General Assembly Debate – Micron-sized contrast agents
have a great future in clinical HIFU
Other clinical HIFU applications
Invited speakers:
Constantin Coussios
Mike Averkiou
Gail ter Haar
Joo Ha Hwang
Andreas Melzer
Joan Vidal-Jové
USG HIFU Meeting: Clinical Application (sponsored session) EUFUS General Assembly Closing
Welcome Reception Gala Dinner Joo Ha Hwang, Joan Vidal-Jové,
Andreas Melzer


MRgFUS for the treatment of neurological disorders: A clinical update Raúl Martínez
08:00 – 08:10 WELCOME
Joo Ha Hwang, Andreas Melzer, Joan Vidal-Jove
CHAIRS: Jean-François Aubry, Lawrence Crum, Joo Ha Hwang
Towards an increased clinical impact of focused ultrasound Chrit Moonen
Exploding droplets and singing bubbles in therapeutic ultrasound Kevin Haworth
A healthy future for focal conformal therapeutic ultrasound W. Apoutou N’Djin
Presentation of the ISTU/EUFUS Pioneer Award winner Leonid Gavrilov
CHAIRS: Aki Pulkkinen, Bradley Treeby
What can physics and modelling do for neurosurgeons and neurologists? Jean François Aubry
MRI-Guided transurethral ultrasound ablation of prostate tissue: clinical impact of intensified treatment parameters Robert Staruch
Design and Simulation of a phased array for ultrasound therapy in the spinal cord Rui Xu
New design of a fully populated random array for treating deep-seated tumors Pavel Rosnitskiy
Exploring the role of laser and ultrasound on gold-loaded droplet vaporization Yanye Yang
Experimental validation of models of ultrasound propagation Elly Martin
OptimUS: A fast multi-domain full wave solver for therapeutic ultrasound treatment planning Pierre Gelat
Computational modeling of tissue-selective liver ablation in histotripsy Lauren Mancia
Scattering from microbubble clouds: A fast multipole model with experimental validation Gregory Clement
Improved numerical method for the design of 3D printed acoustic lenses for the correction of transcranial focused ultrasound aberrations
Marcelino Ferri Garcia
10:45 – 11:15 COFFEE BREAK
11:15 – 12:20 HARDWARE
CHAIRS: Amanda Beserra, Cyril Lafon
Transrectal High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound as docal therapy of posterior deep invasive endometrosis Gil Dubernard
Design and fabrication of therapy transducers to produce mechanical bioeffects Adam Maxwell
A new therapeutic device for transthoracic treatment of calcified aortic stenosis Wojciech Kwiecinski
Multichannel system for translational research in high intensity focused ultrasound Steffen Tretbar
Preliminary investigations of a deployable concentric ring ultrasound applicator for endoluminal and laparoscopic intervention Mathew Adams
A prototype system for boiling histotripsy in abdominal targets comprising a 256-element spiral array combined with a power-enhanced Verasonics engine Vera Khokhlova
CMUT prototype for endocavitary ultrasound-guided HIFU therapy W. Apoutou N’Djin
A device for treating chronic total occlusions with catheter-based ultrasound and collagenase David Goertz
Improving image quality in transcranial magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound using a copper screen Rock Hadley
Preclinical X-Ray/PET-Guided Focused Ultrasound System for Neuro and Abdominal Applications Amanda Beserra
12:20 – 12:25 INDUSTRY PITCH
12:25 – 13:50 LUNCH & POSTER SESSION
CHAIRS: Elodie Cao, Shin-ichiro Umemura
Volumetric MR thermometry for neuro applications using multiple 3D slabs and saturation bands Henrik Odeen
Focal therapy with high-intensity focused ultrasound for the localized prostate cancer based on the localization with MRI-TRUS fusion image-guided biopsy: 1-year prospective study Sunao Shoji
The use of shockwave exposures for enhancing volumetric thermal ablation of ex vivo bovine liver on a clinical mri-guided hifu system Oleg Sapozhnikov
Frequency-domain passive cavitation imaging with circular coherence factor Nuria G. Salido
Ventricular arrhythmias characterization with high-resolution electromechanical wave imaging on isolated working heart model Jade Robert
Improved VIM targeting with DTI and Synthesized MPRAGE Images in MRgFUS Jiachen Zhuo
Improving in situ acoustic intensity estimation by augmenting MR acoustic radiation force imaging with MR elastography Ningrui Li
Photoacoustic imaging of HIFU-induced tissue injuries Tri Vu
Ultrasound-based targeting and displacement imaging of the median nerve for neuromodulation in healthy human subjects Mark Burgess
Monitoring HIFU ablations in real time using simultaneous mr thermometry and elastography Jonathan Vappou
CHAIRS: Ki Joo Pahk, Oleg Sapazhnikov
Physical mechanisms of non-thermal treatment approaches in HIFU Tatiana Khokhlova
Histotripsy for cancer and neurological applications Zhen Xu
Effects of wingle frequency and dual frequency pulsing on bubble cloud behavior and ablation efficiency in intrinsic threshold histotripsy Connor Edsall
A preclinical transrectal system for boiling histotripsy prostate ablation George Schade
Cytological and ultrastructural analysis of mechanically liquefied lesions generated using boiling histotripsy in a porcine model of hematoma ex vivo Ekaterina Ponomarchuk
Pressure-modulated boiling histotripsy for precise tissue fractionation Ki Joo Pahk
Preclinical performance of histotripsy with the insightec exablate neuro system Matthew Alexander
The Effect of Low-Intensity Ultrasound on Cellular Motility and Morphology Nasma Mazzawi
Histotripsy reduces local tumor progression in an in vivo orthotopic rodent liver tumor model Tejaswi Worlikar
Histological analysis of boiling histotripsy lesions in perfused and non-perfused porcine liver Matheus De Andrade
16:00 – 16:30 COFFEE BREAK
CHAIRS: Dario Carugo, Eleanor Stride
Ultrasound targeted microbubble destruction for the targeted chemo-sonodynamic therapy of pancreatic cancer John Callan
Nanoparticle-loaded microbubbles for US-triggered drug delivery: sonoprinting and the multiscale parameter Michel Versluis
A one-pot process for the preparation of ultrasound-responsive microbubbles loaded with paclitaxel and gemcitabine for the treatment of pancreatic cancer Keiran Logan
Intra-pulse monitoring of microbubble destabilization during ultrasound-induced blood-brain barrier opening Anthony Novell
Optimising the composition of microbubbles to improve the delivery of model drugs in vitro and in vivo Oliver Vince
The extracellular matrix rigidity alters sonoporation dynamics at cellular level Ning Rong
Developing a magnetic resonance-focused ultrasound system for focused ultrasound-enabled brain tumor liquid biopsy (FUS-LBx) in a porcine model Christopher Pacia
Impact of droplet polydisperisty in ultrasound-mediated oxygen scavenging Kevin Haworth
Gas vesicles: biomolecular seeds for targeted inertial cavitation and cell therapy Avinoam Bar-Zion
HIFU: A technology for all doctors and all patients Zhibiao Wang
HIFU application in China Lian Zhang
Effective and safety of USgHIFU treatment for uterine fibroids: an eleven years’ experience Jordi Rodríguez
HIFU Bulgarian experiences on the HIFU treatment of the pancreatic
Dobromir Dimitrov
Application of HIFU in Egypt Mohamed Hamed
The current state of clinical and experimental HIFU research in Oxford David Cranston


How did immuno-oncology move from humble origins to become the dominant force in cancer therapy? An overview of progress in cancer immunology  Elizabeth Repasky
Ultrasound bioeffects: mechanisms and implications for therapy and safety Diane Dalecki
CHAIRS: Alessandro Napoli, Wladyslaw Gedroyc
The Journey of MRI Guided Interventions and FUS Morry Blumenfeld
Future of Focused Ultrasound Neal F. Kassell
09:30 – 10:30 DRUG DELIVERY
CHAIRS: Holger Gruell, Michael Gray
Mechanisms underlying sonoporation: How do microbubbles interact with cells? Juan Tu
MR-HIFU and drug delivery Brad Wood
Clinical translation of ultrasound-guided cavitation-enhanced drug delivery: challenges and results in large animal models with a novel handheld array and gas-stabilizing nanoparticles Calum Crake
Enhancement of drug delivery to tumor tissue by the combination of new lipid bubbles and ultrasound Kazuo Maruyama
Focused Ultrasound mediated Blood-Spinal Cord Barrier Opening (BSCO) using short burst, phase keying exposures Stecia-Marie Fletcher
Inertial cavitation activity induced by nonlinear HIFU waves: implications for drug delivery Tatiana Khokhlova
Localized drug delivery by MR-guided focused ultrasound with low temperature sensitive liposomes Chulyong Kim
Targeted chemo-sonodynamic therapy of breast cancer using ultrasound responsive microbubbles as delivery vehicle Dean Nicholas
Microbubble-mediated intracellular drug delivery for recurrent urine infections Eleanor Stride
10:30 – 11:00 COFFEE BREAK
11:00 – 12:00 IMMUNOTHERAPY
CHAIRS: Natasha Sheybani, Tatiana Khokhlova
Why therapeutic ultrasound could be an outstanding choice for combination with immunotherapy: what are the barriers to success? Elizabeth Repasky
In situ tumor vaccines Chandan Guha
A preclinical study of the combined effects of pulsed focused ultrasound and immune checkpoint inhibitors in pancreatic cancer Petros Mouratidis
Can focused ultrasound modulate and repolarized myeloid cells in metastatic breast cancer? Natasha Sheybani
Immune cell modulation of pulsed focused ultrasound in murine melanoma and breast cancer models Joseph Frank
Transcriptomic profiling of thermally ablated b16f10 tumors reveals temporal variability in immunogenicity Alexander Mathew
Blood brain/tumor barrier disruption with MR image-guided FUS elicits marked shifts in tumor-immune profile in murine glioblastoma Natasha Sheybani
Histotripsy induced immunomodulation Ryan Hubbard
Investigation of the local and systemic immune response to histotripsy ablation of breast cancer in a mouse model Alissa Hendricks
12:00 – 13:30 LUNCH & POSTER SESSION
CHAIRS: Gail ter Haar, Lisa Landgraf
Analysis, quantification and modelling of biological effects induced by combination treatments of radiation and hyperthermia at cell (population) level
Sarah Brüningk
How to sell “MR-HIFU induced hyperthermia” as an adjuvant treatment Edwin Heijman
HIFU thermotherapy enhancement in ex-vivo pig kidneys using a new class of endovascular sono-sensitizers Orane Lorton
Randomized Phase II Multicenter Clinical trial of ultrasound hyperthermia combined with chemotherapy in oral cancer Wei Guo
Controlled bubble-enhanced heating with added microbubbles Mike Averkiou
The enhanced HIFU-induced thermal effect via magnetic ultrasound contrast agent microbubbles Dongxin Yang
CHAIRS: Lennart Verhagen, Wynn Legon
Central and peripheral modulation in mice and humans using focused ultrasound Elisa Konofagou
Modulation of neural activity in deep brain circuits Jan Kubanek
Transcranial focused ultrasound localization and brain function monitoring in monkey at 3T MRI Xiaojing Long
MR-Guided thalamic transcranial focused ultrasound modulates resting-state cortical activity in healthy humans Joshua Cain
Modulating deep brain activity and behaviour in primates using focused transcranial ultrasound stimulation Lennart Verhagen
Hearing ultrasound – transcranial ultrasonic neuromodulation elicits an auditory effect in humans Robin Cleveland
Optical observation of calcium signaling in response to fus neuromodulation Thomas Manuel
Transcranial focused ultrasound neuromodulation of the visual system in a large animal (sheep) Morteza Mohammad
Thermal safety of transcranial ultrasound stimulation in human: retrospective numerical estimation of thermal rise in cortical and subcortical stimulation setups David Attali
Influence of acoustic parameters on the success rate of neurostimulation of an in vivo invertebrate nervous model Iván Suárez Castellanos
15:20 – 15:50 COFFEE BREAK
CHAIRS: Elisa Konofagou, Muna Aryal
MR image-guided drug and gene delivery to the brain with focused ultrasound Richard Price
Closed-loop feedback control with a clinical transcranial focused ultrasound system for enhanced chemotherapy delivery to brain tumors Nathan McDannold
Ultrafast volumetric acoustic imaging predicts tissue damage morphology following microbubble-mediated nonthermal brain ablation Kullervo Hynynen
Sonoselective transfection of cerebral vasculature without blood-brain barrier disruption Catherine Gorick
Bilateral focused ultrasound-induced blood-brain barrier opening improves spatial memory in the 3xTg Alzheimer’s mouse model Maria Eleni Karakatsani
Blood brain barrier disruption by pulsed focused ultrasound with microbubbles or osmotic disruption by mannitol induces sterile brain inflammation
Scott Burks
Optimization of focused ultrasound-enabled brain tumor liquid biopsy (fus-lbx) Lifei Zhu
Effects of dexamethasone on vascular permeability and inflammatory response following focused ultrasound and microbubble-mediated bbb treatment Kullervo Hynynen
Therapeutic effects of BBB/BTB opening by FUS in anti-cancer agent delivery for drug- resistant breast cancer brain metastasis model Eun-Joo Park
The pentylenetetrazol induced acute epilepsy is alleviated by transcranial focused ultrasound pulsation in rats Hao-Li Liu
CHAIRS: Gail ter Haar, Joo Ha Hwang
INVITED SPEAKERS: Constantin Coussios, Mike Averkiou


Nicolas Guillem
Holger Gruell
08:30 – 10:00 ORGAN PANEL: BRAIN
CHAIRS: Wladyslaw Gedroyc, Marine Sánchez
The future of focused ultrasound surgery: perspectives based on the recent clinical & basic researches Jin Woo Chang
David vs. Goliath: the Italian results with a trans-cranial MRgFUS system integrated with a 1.5T scanner Cesare Gagliardo
Cutting edge imaging-based ultrasound therapies for the brain Roland Beisteiner
Focused low energy single pulse ultrasound therapy in neurological rehabilitation. An overwiew of actual trends Henning Lohse-Busch
Long-term results of MR Guided Focused Ultrasound Vimthalamotomy in Parkinson’s patients with medication-refractory disabling tremor Ilana Schlesinger
MR guided focused ultrasound thalamotomy for tremor: Lessons learned from 120 cases Michael Schwartz
Neuronavigation-Guided Focused Ultrasound (NaviFUS) for transcranial blood-brain barrier opening clinical trial in recurrent glioblastoma patients
Ko-Ting Chen
Alendronate might improve the skull density ratio of MRgFUS candidates with brain disorders Hisashi Ito
Beyond the Thalamus-Unilateral MR guided focused ultrasound for the treatment of essential tremor targeting the ventral intermedius nucleus and the zone incerta Ayesha Jameel
Does treatment efficiency change when performing bilateral treatments using tcMRgFUS thlamotomy? Study on 4 patients treated bilaterally for Neuropathic Pain Jiachen Zhuo
Three-year follow-up of prospective trial of focused ultrasound thalamotomy for essential tremor Pejman Ghanouni
The world’s initial experience of bilateral treatment of essential tremor using MR guided focused ultrasound Ayesha Jameel
10:00 – 11:00 ORGAN PANEL: UTERUS
CHAIRS: Matthias Matzko, Nikolaos Bailis
Fibroids and beyond  Suzanne LeBlang
The place of therapeutic ultrasound in uterine diseases Jaron Rabinovici
Patient triage strategy for minimally-invasive therapies for uterine fibroids and its initial clinical outcomes focusing on MR-HIFU(MR-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound) ablation collaborating with uterine artery embolization (UAE) Young Sun Kim
To assess the suitability for MR-HIFU treatment of uterine fibroids based on multiparametric MR characteristics Inez Verpalen
Targetability of sites in variable pelvic geometries using MRI-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (MRgHIFU) as assessed in an in vivo porcine model Lifei Zhu
Clinical experience with a comprehensive breast-specific MR guided focused ultrasound treatment device Allison Payne
The evaluation of treatment results after MR-HIFU treatment of uterine fibroids using quantitative T2-mapping and diffusion weighted imaging (DWI)
Inez Verpalen
11:00 – 11:30 COFFEE BREAK
CHAIRS: Andreas Melzer, George Schade
State of the art of prostate cancer treatment Jens Rassweiler
The role of focal therapy Ghulam Nabi
Focal HIFU for organ localized prostate cancer: midterm oncological results Thomas Hostiou
Targeted chemo-sonondynamic therapy using ultrasound responsive microbubbles as a treament for prostate cancer Thomas McKaig
Prostate treatment planning station Tobias Preusser
Early experience of palliative MRI guided transurethral ultrasound ablation for symptomatic locally advanced prostate cancer Teija Sainio
Early experience of salvage MRI guided transurethral ultrasound ablation for locally radiorecurrent prostate cancer Visa Suomi
Focal Treatment of prostatic carcinoma using MRgFUS – single site experience in Germany Markus Duex
12:30 – 13:30 LUNCH BREAK
Noninvasive focused deep brain stimulation in Alzheimer patients Storz Medical – E. Marlinghaus
Advances and perspectives in MR-guided therapy – how we can support as an imaging vendor Siemens, S. Josan
Electronics & Innovation
Storz Medical
CHAIRS: Markus Duex, Alessandro Napoli, Alberto Bazzocchi
State of the art of percutaneous treatments in tumor bone lesions Francisco Aparisi
Focused ultrasound treatment overview Pejman Ghanouni
Other bone lesions Francesco Arrigoni
Brief talk regarding Prof. Düx experience on facets Markus Duex
Intense Therapeutic Ultrasound for Musculoskeletal Pain Reduction Part 2; Clinical Data Michael Slayton
Delivery of low intensity pulsed ultrasound to lumbar intervertebral discs using extracorporeal HIFU: a simulation study Matthew Adams
Sacroiliac joint ablation in a chronic swine model using MRgFUS Roland Krug
Focused Ultrasound and Radiotherapy for non-invasive palliative pain treatment in patients with bone metastasis Marcia Bartels
Subacute and long term effects of MR-HIFU ablation on facet joints Sin Yuin Yeo
15:30 – 15:45 COFFEE BREAK
CHAIRS: Joan Vidal-Jové, Milka Marinova
State of the art Joo Ha Hwang
Interventional Oncology Ablation in Liver Xavier Serres
Phase I Study of Robotically-Assisted Sonic Therapy: Safety and Efficacy of First in Man Experience with Hepatic Histotripsy Joan Vidal-Jové
Hyperthermic ablation with focused ultrasound (FUS-HIFU) in pancreatic cancer. Updated resu Joan Vidal-Jové
Therapeutic Outcomes of Focused Ultrasound in Combination with Doxorubicin-loaded Nanoparticle-microbubble Complex for Pancreatic Cancer Xenograft Model Hyo-Jin Kang
Development of HIFU treatment stratefies for extracorporeal treatment of hepatic tumors with a toroidal transducer. Reults of in vivo experiments
Sophie Cambronero
Clinical Trial to quantify urinary stone repositioning by ultrasound Michael Bailey
Pancreas ablation and hyperthermia in a porcine model using US-MR-HIFU: proof-of-concept study results of the European project iPaCT Edwin Heijmann
Potentiation of ultrasonic chemotherapy on a 3D co-culture model of pancreatic adenocarcinoma Jean Louis Mestas
Trans-fusimo – Model based treatment support for FUS in moving abdominal organs Cesare Gagliardo and Andreas Melzer
HIFU Project in Oxford: Up-to-date Clinical Status and Future Prospective Feng Wu
Experience in treating pancreatic cancer with HIFU in Korea Taehee Kim
The role of microbubble contast agent in high intensity focused ultrasound: ceus detector, acoustic environmental modifier and far-field protector Kun Zhou
CHAIRS: Andreas Melzer, Joan Vidal-Jové
Extra Corporeal Ultrasound-guided High-Intensity-Focused-Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment in superficial lower limb veins – First in Human study findings
Michel Nuta
Macroscopic and microscopic evaluation of HIFU thermal ablations of sheep veins at 30, 60 and 90 days Nesrine Barnat
HIFU treatment of benign thyroid nodules in Spain. 12-months follow-up Pedro Pablo Ortiz Remacha
Joo Ha Hwang, Andreas Melzer, Joan Vidal-Jové


# 1 – Ultrasound transmission through human hair, Pauline Agou
# 2 – Validation of neonatal lamb model for preclincal evaluation of MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound brain applications, Matthew Alexander
# 3 – Estimation of the temperature increase during a HIFU treatment using ultrasound backscattered signals. Correlation with histological changes, Victor Barrere
# 4 – Phase aberration correction in focused ultrasound fields with shock fronts, Christopher Bawiec
# 5 – Modelling a Collaborative Robot with the IEEE 11073 SDC Standard for Combined Focused Ultrasound and Radiation Therapy, Johann Berger
# 6 – HIFU localized hyperthermia for MR-Linac accelerators, Giovanni Borasi
# 7 – Swine model for the evaluation of blood-brain barrier disruption with the sonocloud® Device using definity® and sonovue® microbubbles, Guillaume Bouchoux
# 8 – Treatment of essential tremor (ET) and Parkinson disease (PD) tremor with MRgFUS: preliminary imaging and clinical results and their correlation, Federico Bruno
# 9 – Magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound versus deep brain stimulation in medically-refractory essential tremor: A cost-consequence analysis in the korean setting, Lance Richard
# 10 – Post hoc prediction of blood-brain barrier opening with power cavitation imaging in non-human primates, Mark Burgess
# 11 – Autophagy and dystrophic skeletal muscle regeneration are differentially modulated by different therapeutic ultrasound modalities, Scott Burks
# 12 – Assessment of mr thermometry reliability for monitoring HIFU ablations in bone, Paolo Cabras
# 13 – Acoustic holograms for transcranial focusing of arbitrary ultrasonic fields into the brain, Francisco Camarena
# 14 – Simulation of temperature rise in mobile and elastic volume, Elodie Cao
# 15 – Intensive HIFU simulation based on surrogate models using CIVA Healthcare platform application to parametric studies and sensitive analysis, Sylvain Chatillon
# 16 – Cavitation Dose Painting for Predicting the Location and Concentration of Nanoclusters Delivered by Focused Ultrasound-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption, Hong Chen
# 17 – Fusion MRI-Ultrasound guided histotripsy system, Sang Won Choi
# 18 – Remote activation of engineered neural stem cells for the release of tnfα and il15 via high-intensity focused ultrasound, James Chu
# 19 – Multiple-focusing method for treatment time reduction in HIFU thermal ablation, Euisuk Chung
# 20 – Development of a HIFU treatment using a toroidal transducer for pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Preliminary in vivo study, Celia Cilleros
# 21 – Effect of bubble-bubble interactions on subharmonic emissions of a monodisperse bubble cloud, Corentin Cornu
# 22 – Blood-brain tumor barrier opening with MR Image-guided focused ultrasound augments interstitial flow and facilitates nanoparticle-mediated transfection, Colleen Curley
# 23 – #10yearschallenge: Our Roadmap to FURTHER – Focused Ultrasound and RadioTHE Rapy in patients with bone metastases, Cristina Marrocchio
# 24 – MRI-Guided focused ultrasound robotic system for experiments in mice, Christakis Damianou
# 25 – Transient Acoustic Streaming in Confined Cavity from Pulsed HIFU Exposure, Hussein Daoud
# 26 – Ultrasound-image based navigation guidance for 3D planning of conformal interstitial HIFU ablations, Loïc Daunizeau
# 27 – Ultrasound-assisted drug delivery to solid tumours in silico, Matheus de Andrade
# 28 – Ventilator Driven Motion Model for Pre-clinical Validation of MRgFUS Systems, Andrew Dennison
# 29 – Pain relief and local tumor control after focused ultrasound surgery as treatment option for advanced pancreatic cancer patients, Dobromir Dimitrov
# 30 – Delivery of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and control of endothelial
network formation using acoustic droplet vaporization (ADV),
Mario Fabiilli
# 31 – Therapeutic response to free cabazitaxel and cabazitaxel loaded nanoparticles combined with ultrasound and microbubbles in a transgenic mouse prostate cancer model, Stein-Martin Fagerland
# 32 – Ultrasonic-magnetic hybrid gene delivery system for Parkinson’s disease treatment in mice model, Ching-Hsiang Fan
# 33 – DNA damage induced by combined doxorubicin and unseeded controlled stable cavitation treatment in murine mammary tumor cells, Cécile Fant
# 34 – The first coagulative necrosis point induced by HIFU treatment for isointense unerine fibroids on MRI T2WI : Retrospective analysis and theoretical simulation, Li Faqi
# 35 – A theranostic polymer-based nanoparticle for use in sonodynamic therapy (sdt), Sian Farrell
# 36 – Temporal proteomic immune changes of murine breast and melanoma tumor microenvironments without and with pulsed focused ultrasound, Joseph Frank
# 37 – Acute evaluation of brain and cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers following blood brain barrier opening with pulsed focused ultrasound and definity using passive cavitation detection feedback, Joseph Frank
# 38 – Experimental evaluation of the impact of ultrasound exposure parameters on necrotic lesions induced in tissue by a robotic ultrasound-guided HIFU ablation device for treating solid tumors in small animals, Łukasz Fura
# 39 – Targeted delivery of multiple drug payloads to pancreatic tumours using an ultrasound responsive microbubble-liposome conjugate, Jinhui Gao
# 40 – Transcranial MR acoustic radiation force imaging and simulation in sheep, Pooja Gaur
# 41 – Unilateral mr guided focused ultrasound thalamotomy for essential tremor: a british experience, Wladyslaw Gedroyc
# 42 – Ultrasound-stimulated Microbubble Indentation of Fibrin Clots, David Goertz
# 43 – Multiple lesion generation during HIFU thermal therapy: numerical modeling & parametric study, Pragya Gupta
# 44 – Stimulation of the rat dorsal root ganglion for chronic pain regulation with focused ultrasound, Pohung Hsu
# 45 – Ultrasound-mediated skin erosion for hepatitis B immunization, Yxin Hu
# 46 – Optimal overlapping protocol and robustness assessment of blood-brain barrier opening in humans using a single-element focused ultrasound transducer, Sergio Jiménez Gambín
# 47 – Accuracy of Acute MR Predictors of Non-Perfused Ablation Volume in Multiple Tissue Types, Sara Johnson
# 48 – New focused ultrasound protocol to improve blood-brain barrier permeability and doxorubicin delivery into the targeted rat brain, Byeongjin Jung
# 49 – Ultrasound-Enhanced Drug Delivery for Treatment of Acanthamoeba Keratitis, Bianca Karpinecz
# 50 – Mapping clinical HIFU thermal tissue ablation using simulation and MR-Imaging, Maria Karzova
# 51 – Characteristics of therapeutic temperature monitoring of MR-Guided focused ultrasound therapy for bone and joint diseases, Motohiro Kawasaki
# 52 – On-Demand, targeted light generation in bio-compatible elastomers using high-intensity focused ultrasound, Gun Kim
# 53 – A new frequency domain passive acoustic mapping method using passive hilbert beamforming to reduce the computational complexity of fast fourier transform, Pilsu Kim
# 54 – Cavitation nucleation by definity® infused through an ekosonic® catheter, Maxime Lafond
# 55 – Pelvic soft tissue deformation estimation for patients in magnetic resonance guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (MRGHIFU) treatment positions, Ngo Fung Daniel Lam
# 56 – Diminished expression of p glycoprotein is associated with PJNK-dependent pathway after blood-brain barrier disruption induced by MIR-Guided focused ultrasound, Eunhee Lee
# 57 – Comparison of ray tracing and hybrid angular spectrum phase correction methods on focal spot pressure, Steve Leung
# 58 – Theoretical Simulation and Experimental Study of HIFU Non-Fourier Bioheat Transfer Considering Thermoacoustic Lenses and Thermal Wave Effects, Faqi Li
# 59 – Response to pain in the treatment of benign thyroid nodules with HIFU, Pedro Pablo Ortiz Remacha
# 60 – Transcranial temperature rise comparison through phase corrections of embedded exablate function and kranion software, Dong-Guk Paeng
# 60 – A clinical system for non-invasive blood-brain barrier opening using a neuronavigation-guided single-element transducer, Antonios Pouliopoulos
# 61 – Simultaneous MR Thermometry and acoustic radiation force imaging of HIFU treatment based on echo-shifted sequence, Yangzi Qiao
# 62 – Body Mounted Robot for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, Kevin Cleary
# 63 – A MRI Compatible Large Scale Array System for Low Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound, Weibao Qiu
# 64 – Volumetric and rapid MR-Acoustic radiation force imaging using simultaneous multislice imaging (SMS), Bruno Quesson
# 65 – Volumetric and rapid MR-Acoustic radiation force imaging using simultaneous multislice imaging (SMS), Bruno Quesson
# 66 – Repeated scanning ultrasound improves motor function and clears neuronal tau by autophagy in tau transgenic mice, Jae Hee Song
# 67 – Neurostimulation by focused ultrasound in ex vivo mouse brain slices as measured with a microelectrode array (MEA) system, Ivan Suarez Castellanos
# 68 – Development and characterization of a small animal hyperthermia system, Steffen Tretbar
# 69 – Hepatic Ablation with Robotically Assisted Sonic Therapy (RAST) Through Full Rib Coverage in a Porcine Model, Timothy Ziemlewicz
# 70 – Review of Robotic Assisted Sonic Therapy (RAST) in a Large Porcine Model and Implications for Future Development, Timothy Ziemlewicz
# 71 – Synthetic schlieren tomography of focused ultrasound fields, Aki Pulkkinen
# 72 – Gellan gum as a Tissue Mimicking Material for combined HIFU and Radiotherapy, Alberto Sanchez-Pastor Gomis
# 73 – Validating Ultrasound Beam Prediction Modeling for Breast Tumor Treatment, Allison Payne
# 74 – MR guided focused ultrasound thalamotomy for Essential Tremor: A 5 year single center experience, Alon Sinai
# 75 – Ultrasound-induced blood spinal cord barrier opening in rabbits and mice, Anne-Sophie Montero
# 76 – Tailoring Microbubble Shell Composition For Therapeutic Ultrasound Applications, Antonios Pouliopoulos
# 77 – Registration of In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Images To Volumetric Histopathology, Blake Zimmerman
# 78 – Simultaneous rapid and multi-slice MR-temperature and MR-displacement imaging during transcranial focused ultrasound in non-human primate, Bruno Quesson
# 79 – Focused Ultrasound Immunomodulation in Melanoma, Christopher Margraf
# 80 – Physics based, validated reliable modeling of single element focused ultrasound transducer (SEFT), Cristina Pasquinelli
# 81 – From 2D to 3D real-time passive cavitation imaging of pulsed cavitation ultrasound therapy, Daniel Suarez
# 82 – Oxygen Generating Nanoparticles for Improving Sonodynamic Therapy in Hypoxic Tumours, Dean Nicholas
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monitoring of focused ultrasound induced cavitation bubbles,
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Wood, Brad – Center for Interventional Oncology, CC & NCI/CCR, USA
Xu, Zhen – University of Michigan, USA
Zhang, Lian – Chongqing Medical University, China

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